Summer Training, lets you learn new things with all new knowledge and innovation

You all might love to utilize your free times in learning something new and gaining knowledge about different things. All what you people wish to learn depends on your will and desire. It depends on the passion you have for exploring and learning about different things. To make you people learn something that is not of their interest is just wastage of time, money and the resources as well. But in the present era people have a lot to explore and learn on a variety of different things in this big world. Learning something by having good experience and knowledge of that thing people need to give a proper time to that. Experiencing, learning and gaining knowledge on different things is time consuming for producing better outputs. New learning is of much craze among the present youth including the students as they implement all their learning well with new ideas and broad thinking. For students new things can be learned either in the field of the course that we are pursuing or in some new area of our interest.

Summer vacations are an important part of a student life in which he or she wants to learn something new. So, Summer Training organized during summer vacations is a special program organized for the students in which they can experience new & different things, learn about them and gain knowledge as well. For such a learning and experiencing there is a specially organized training program for students across the globe during their summer vacations, Summer Training Program in USA. These summer trainings are Exchange Visitor Program under the authorization of the Educational & Cultural Affairs Bureau of the U.S. State Department organized to make people learn about different cultures. These summer training programs offers different Youth programs, High School Programs and Young Adult Programs.

These summer training programs are organized for a special purpose i.e. to teach and impart knowledge to people about new & different cultures. These training programs help people to understand the importance of different cultures as well as their professional development. These summer training programs aim at achieving cultural sensitivity and understanding among the youth of the nation to be always successful in this fast moving modernized era. The Summer Training Program in USA offers people an opportunity to the United States to participate a structured internship program with a U.S. company. These programs are proved very helpful for different people that support them and encourage them by teaching them the ethics of life. Such programs are organized on a very big scale where people from different countries and varied culture are gathered together and in which it tends to increase ability as well as flexibility of people to work and live in other cultures. These summer training programs are the best learning option among the youth. They are very special as they help to generate interest in other cultures at a young age so that youth will continue developing cultural insight and global skills.


Your ultimate Guide to avail a summer training programme

Summers are one season that is long awaited by most of us. Who wouldn’t want to shed off his mundane routines and go on a long island for a rejuvenating summer trip or elope to high mountains and savour nature’s wonderful delights. However, there is one section amongst us who would love to do it the other way round. Instead of roving, how about churning something fruitful these summers? For all those students out there, internships and trainings are ideal opportunities to nurture their growth. And nothing can be as amazing as to work at a country like the US. Training in US is certainly a hefty task to achieve. Nevertheless, for intellectual and conceived minds, it is an ultimate break.

Finding a job after your college is undoubtedly difficult. Apart from top grades and academic excellence, experience is something that most of the employers look for. A summer training in US can make a huge difference to your career. This article basically highlights and is an eventual guide to avail a summer training in US.

  • Big or small firms?

Well, big and small firms; both have their merits. If you have always aspired of working in a big multinational, internship in one of it can prove to be great career buster. On the other hand, interning at a small firm in US is a total worth as a small business gives you a chance to work and experiment in different areas. Whereas in a big firm, you might just have to stick to a fixed set of errands throughout your internship duration.

  • Will you be paid or not?

Internships are way different from full time jobs. While you are on your way through an training in US, do not expect the owner to pay you. However, in some cases; companies do offer a little stipend. In the end, remember that you are not here to earn money but to gather some valuable experience.

  • How to land into an internship?

We are all aware of internet that has globalised itself to a great extent. Try looking for it on online portals. There are hundreds of websites that proffer internships in every nook and corner of the worlds. Although you might need to cross check to avoid getting caught in a fraud. Further, your college would have recruitment or a career centre with a list of job and internship openings.

In the due course of time, try developing contacts with the people in the industry you want to work in. The simple reason being that networking always pays handsomely when you kick off for a job hunt. Moreover, let your contacts know that you are a determined student who is eagerly looking to intern and grab hands on experience.

Training in US can make that necessary difference in your résumé and elevate your level of excellence in your respective field. It’s not tough finding an training in US. All you need is strong will power, courage and a thirst to build a career that entails to a strong base.



Do you have a dream of working in the US or visiting US for completing a small study tour or internship? If yes, then you should definitely take help of the CENET’s cultural exchange network programs. CENET is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to cultural and international exchange. Founded in 1994, CENET located in Cape Girardeau provides a variety of services all around the world. For non-US students who require work experience within the United States, CENET administers the international trainee, intern and Work and travel programs. Moreover, CENET operates the Magellan Exchange which is a non-profit university association offering student and faculty exchanges both within the US and abroad. In addition, CENET offers the Culture in the Community Program, which is a special program that brings international education to local classrooms and to youth summer camps. Hence, promoting cultural understanding by providing us with a chance to learn American culture and share one’s own culture with the Americans.

The Work and Travel Program is an authorized exchange visitor program which offers one the opportunity to work and travel in the US during their summer vacations. One can travel around and explore few places during their free time. CENET will always be with the individual helping him as an advisor, monitoring his experience and acting as a liaison between the individual and the supervisor. The duration of the program is up to 4 months. The program includes various services to the individual like determining application procedures, requirements and documents. Also, the program fee includes suggestions and recommendations for placement possibilities with final review and acceptance. Apart from them, one also gets 24-hour emergency support while in the US, free phone number, health insurance negotiation, payment , and records. CENET has a number of affiliations demonstrating its dedication to fostering cultural exchange. Some of the affiliations are Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange, WYSE (World Youth Student & Education Travel), NAFSA (Association of international Educators).

Apart from the above work and travel program, there are various programs like The Culture in the Community Program that provides cultural sensitivity and understanding for peaceful solutions as well as for youth development in the global arena. The programs are available for different age groups targeting the young, adolescent and adult crowd. So, enjoy your stay and gain valuable experience through the exchange programs while fulfilling the mission of CENET, which is to provide opportunities to experience world cultures through education and international exchange.




  • Work And Travel in the USADo you want to come to the United States over your university’s summer vacation to work and experience the American culture? The Work and Travel Program offers you the opportunity to come to the United States during your summer vacation for up to four months. The purpose of your program is to promote cultural understanding by giving you a chance to experience the American culture as well as to share your own culture with Americans.
  •  Training or Internship in the USA Do you want to come to the United States for a practical work experience or professional development?This program offers you the opportunity to come to the United States to participate in a structured training/internship program with a U.S. company. The purpose of your program is professional development and cultural understanding